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1953 Chev 3100 Pickup

1953 Chev 3100 Pickup

Join Dr Lee as he gives a walk around of his 1953 Chev 3100 Pickup, named Luther.
This pickup has been on the ranch for 64  years and used daily, is very original and in remarkably good condition, though not surprising as it has always been kept in the barn and obviously well looked after.
It did have a motor transplant after the original seized, and now sports a 235 cub in 120 hp 6 cylinder out of a Chev Belair. quite a lot more power compared with the original motor of 90 hp, which as Dr Lee says this extra power suits Luther.

During 1952 – 53 chrome was kept to a minimum due to the Korean war resulting in copper being in short supply, [ is it possible that war will start up again, will be a vastly different one if it does ]  so the likes of the grill, bumpers, hub caps, hood ornaments and most other normally chromed items were painted instead of being chrome plated.
It is good to see these parts on Luther  have since been chrome plated, and this certainly makes Luther a very attractive looking pickup.

Chevy pickups from the late 1940’s and through to the 1950’s were renowned for their reliability and I have featured a few of them here in the past.

There is this one , rough as but absolutely refuses to give up.

Another here that is hot as, and made from all new parts.

For something different there is this Chevy Delivery.

The hot rod guys will like this pickup.

But if you would like a bit more comfort and family space how about this Chevy Nomad?

When you look closely at ‘Luther’ it is in remarkable condition considering its age and use.

Special thanks to Dr Lee -from Out on the Ranch series – for making this video.
Photos are screen shots taken from the video.