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2016 Truck Of The Year

2016 Truck Of The Year

Here is a real sweetie, this 1965 C10 is in the finals for 2016 Truck Of The Year.  It is a real credit to the owner and whats even more worth noting it has been in the same family since 1968 when it was purchased by the father.

I’ll take my Chevy hat off for a moment,  there is no doubt that American pickup / light trucks by GM, Ford, Dodge and International from this era,  plus some of these before and after the 1950’s and 60’s,  are great collectors and enthusiasts vehicles that lend themselves beautifully to customizing and updating the power train, suspension, brakes and steering to more modern specs.
The end result is an eye catching vehicle that is a whole lot of fun to both own, and drive.
Here is another sweet number that doubles as an advertisement for the guys business.

To make the rebuild job easier there are a number of manufacturers specializing in updated mechanics for these vehicles, with even brand new steel replicas complete with all the goodies available.

Fabulious truck with a deck to match and a most unusual tailgate.

Next up is a 1954 Chevy Subrban 3800, and what a neat party machine this would be.  Have a look inside and you will see what I mean.
Beautifully rebuilt, modified and powered by a 350 putting out around 400 hp it isnt anything like a snail either.

The Chevy Suburban was first introduced in 1935 and still popular today, it would be the longest serving model eveer to wear the Chevrolet badge.
Based on the current model light truck chassis they just kept on going, like this one  has.
This particular Suburban is the 3rd Generation, from the years 1947-55. It was available with the 216cub in 6 cylinder engine, and from 19564 with th 2325 cub in 6cylinder.
The choice of 3 or 4 speed manual gearbox was offered, and also an automatic was introduced.

The 11th Generation came into production in 2015 and continues todsay.  With each generation averagiong over 8 years lifespan the Suburban will have been a great money spinner for GM, and with Cadillac having their luxury version we can expect this SUV to survive many more years.

Special thanks to Scottie for both these videos. Photos are video screen shots.