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2017 Chevy HD Towing

2017 Chevy HD Towing

Comparison tests like this 2017 Chevy HD Towing a real hefty load and then directly comparing it with the 2017 Dodge Ram pickup truck,  and the Ford Super Duty pickup truck towing the exact same load is always going to be interesting, especially if carried out by the FastLaneTruck team.
Each of these breeds of pickup trucks have their list of dedicated followers who will argue without mercy the advantages of their favourite compared with its two opposition counter parts.
Then a whole new argument will develop over which motor is the best way to go, gas or diesel.

The 2017 Chevy HD is diesel, as are the Ram and the Ford, and for good old slogging power on an incline like the Ike Gauntlet, the diesel is the way to go, as you will see in the video review.
Fuel consumption going up the Ike was also documented with each recording almost identical miles per gallon results.  And lets face it miles per gallon is much better than gallon per mile as I have known some gas engines to do in hard wide open throttle conditions like this.
Just as important is downhill performance, and the huge advantages of exhaust braking.
The rule amongst truck drivers is whatever gear you need to use to go up the hill is the same gear to select coming down, and allow the exhaust brake to its job.
You will hear the exhaust brakes working on the downhill run saving the trucks  brakes being continuously used.
Sure the engine is a bit noisy but for those doing high mileages the saving in vehicle maintenance like tires and brakes plus diesel would be well worthwhile.

This was quite some towing test and the way all three handled the all up towing weight is impressive, helped without doubt having a goose neck trailer with the swivel point over the trucks rear axle.

A surprise ending with the truck expected to score high just didn’t make the grade

Thank you to the FastLaneTruck guys.  Photos are shots taken from the video.