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4 Cyl Chevy Silverado

4 Cyl Chevy Silverado

This is breaking news but I guess it was just a matter of time before General Motors announced that a 4 Cyl Chevy Silverado 1500 has been developed.
They have now done this and it will be on sale for 2019.

This is some motor, is gasoline, 2.7 litre with turbo and 8 speed auto transmission.
It puts out 310 hp and 343 ft lbs of torque, that’s 22% more torque than Chevy’s V6 and weighs 300 lbs lighter.
Compression ratio is 10:1 and runs on regular grade gasoline.  This should mean impressive performance and be a good tow wagon with that amount of torque.  Perhaps not as good as a diesel, and it will be interesting in having a road test review along with towing close to the maximum limit and comparing it with one of its Silverado 1500 cousins.
Stack it up against the Ford V6 pickup and the Dodge Ram it beats them too for horse power and torque.  In the motoring world secrets don’t seem to stay that way long so I guess Ford and Ram will have their 4 cylinder option available soon too.

Plus as this new 4 cyl Chevy Silverado motor has a unique fuel economy mode it will be interesting to see how it compares in miles per gallon not only with the V6 powered Chevy’s but also with its similar opposition Ford and Ram pickups.
Incidentally as well as the well known V6 and V8 engine options there is a new diesel available,  it is a 3 litre coupled up to a 10 speed automatic transmission.  I like the 10 speed auto, certainly make it a lot easier to keep the diesel operating within its power band.
Here is a road review of a 2016 Colorado towing a good hefty load.

For this video General Motors have a cutaway engine and auto and is interesting to see how this engine operates as the presenter discusses the various modes. 

Special thanks to The Fast Lane Trucks, photos are video screen shots.