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51 Chevy 3100 Custom Pickup

1951 Chevy 3100 Custom Pickup Truck

This is real cool, a 1951 Chevy 3100 Custom Pickup Truck with an amazing paint job, a see through deck bed and the coolest cab interior that more than compliments the overall effect of this set of wheels.
All built with a Corvette theme firmly in mind.

Once again this confirms how pickup trucks from this era can be turned not only into a show-stealer but also be a great fun machine to drive.
Sure you are not going to hop in wearing a pair of greasy overalls, or put bags of cement or whatever in the back, it is a work of art as are many custom styled vehicles that command an element of respect.

You will like the exhaust sound as this Chevy drives out, and note where the exhausts come out.
Another couple of interesting reviews from Scottie DTV. Photos are video screen shots.

In this short video below not much is known about this 1964 Chevy Panel Truck, except that it is different and a rather wild looking but interesting set of wheels.
If anyone reading this can throw some light on its history and performance be great to hear from you.

Even if we never know any more it is always interesting looking at vehicles like this and see the ideas people come up with.

Have a close look at the roof, is interesting the way it extends forward of the windshield.