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69 Chevy C10 Custom

69 Chevy C10 Custom

Have 2 videos here for you today, this stunning 69 Chevy C10 Custom,  and then a short film of a ’62 Street Rod that sure is different.

First up is the 69 Chevy C10 Custom called “The Preacher”.
Not sure how it got that name but if anyone needed converting into believing that Chevy pickups can be made into remarkable custom street rods, then “The Preacher” is the one that would do it.
The further you get into this video the more you realize just how extensive the body modifications are, and the amount of thought that went in to ensure maintenance wouldnt be a hassle.

Open the hood and the Wow Factor is immediate.
Powered by a LSX with supercharger, horsepower was checked on a dyno at a whopping 1170.
Mated up to a 6 speed auto it is certain to be super quick with the suspension set to suit.

If on opening the hood creates a  “Wow” response, wait until you see inside the cab.

If you have an interest in Chevy trucks like ” The Preacher “, here is another remarkable Chevy C10.

Special thanks to Scottie DTV for these videos.  Photos are screen shots taken from them.

The ’62 Chevy truck in this video is a real crowd stopper.
It has an unfinished patina look that is shaped quite unlike most rod  or custom trucks we see, and was up for sale for $25,000 at the time Scottie did this video in September 2015.
Would be interesting to get an update on where and how it is now.

It is wild, there is no doubt about that, and is built to go, not to stop as it still sports drum brakes.
A lot of time has been spent on this truck, that is obvious, and there is still plenty of scope for a new owner to add his mark on it.

Interested in doing a Patina paint job? check this out