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Chev Pickup in Alaska

Chev Pickup in Alaska

This Chev Pickup in Alaska post is one of these ‘gotta see’ videos
It is a mine of information on how to go about modifying a truck like this so it would be super strong and reliable..
You will understand when you see where it was going why everything had to be strong and reliable so there was no such thing as cutting corners.
If you have been following my posts I did one some time back on this particular 1986  X Army Chevy  Pickup when Fred first got it.
After having some fun with it then stripping a lot of parts off it it has now been resurrected and built into this virtually go anywhere machine.

In this video there are heaps of tips on setting up and which gear to use for steering, brakes, gearing, diffs, shock absorbers, you name it right down to new body mounts.
Lets not forget those giant 42 inch tires, making the right choice was very important as you will see from what was expected of them, and how the running gear and axles were selected to suit both the tires and the terrain they would be travelling over.

Also most interesting is the Dodge support truck.  It is a rocket on big wheels propelled along by a 6.2L supercharged V8 putting out some 700 plus horsepower, and sounds like it does too!

Fred can and does do some oddball things at times, like this twin engine 4 x 4 Cadillac Eldorado convertible that he built to go mountaineering in, and to have a whole lot of off road fun along the way.

Forget the Chevy for a minute, you gotta see and hear the Dodge.  Its awsome.

Special thanks to Fred and the team from Dirt Every Day for another great project well 
put together.  Photos are screen shots from the video.