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Chev Silverado vs Ford F-150

Chev Silverado vs Ford F-150

There has never been any doubt that Chevrolet and Ford pick up trucks are the most popular American trucks and comparisons like this 2016 Chev Silverado vs Ford F-150 will always attract interest.
Rivalry between the owners of these two manufacturers vehicles has always been strong, and has been the basis of many discussions, both friendly and the more serious kind.
Then there is the other type of discussion which many times has ended up in a fight, sometimes resulting in serious consequences.
Dodge, another brand name long associated with trucks, are working hard to improve on their image to compete and drive a wedge firmly between Chev and Ford.

Pickup trucks today are vastly different to what they were a few decades ago.  They have ceased to be a workhorse type of vehicle designed and built with just that function in mind.
Instead they are more like a multi purpose vehicle that is powerful, stylish with a well appointed 4 or 5 seater 4 door cab that would shame a lot of cars.
Add a pickup bed to cart whatever it is you want to, with option of 4WD if its into the rough stuff.  Plus include a trailer so you can move several more thousands of pounds of goods, animals or a boat and we are talking a very versatile vehicle that you can still go visiting or shopping in safety and comfort.
Only drawback is you could need a big check-book when you start thinking extras or options.

No wonder pickup trucks are very popular today, have an ever increasing range, plus a list of options that make it highly unlikely of anyone not being able to  get a pickup truck set up to suit its intended use, whether it be a Chev Silverado vs Ford F-150 vs Dodge Ram or one of the many imported makes on offer.

There will always be pros and cons between makes, check out the differences here.

Thanks to Sam and TestDrivenTV for this review. Photos are video screen shots.