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GAS or DIESEL Pickup?

GAS or DIESEL Pickup

GAS or DIESEL Pickup, what is it to be?  An often asked question that will attract a lot of ill-informed misleading answers.
I like this guys opinion, it is well rehearsed, factual with interesting comments and sound advice thrown in, including how to save money.
He is right as to the reasons why most people buy pickup trucks, and it’s not always because they want to do consistent or heavy towing, or even carry heavy loads.
For a lot of people the ability to carry stuff that wont fit in a car or wagon, but have a well-appointed comfortable vehicle with 4 doors that can be used as the family vehicle, and as a work horse on occasions when need be makes a lot of sense.

The next consideration is which do I actually buy – a Gas or Diesel pickup?
There are advantages and disadvantages with both and for many it will be ‘should I spend the initial extra $8000 -$10000 to buy a diesel?’
After all it is the same truck, just a different type of engine and transmission. Properly maintained the diesel will return a better price when it comes to sell time so some of that extra cost when new is clawed back.
Me, I am a fan for the modern diesel,  They are now much cleaner, quieter and perform extremely well.  And they love hard work.
The days when a diesel was solely for the big trucks, tractors and boats are long gone, today we even see diesel power on the race track.

Extended Service Plans can be worthwhile but generally if you get this from your local dealer it will be expensive as explained in this video.
A comparison is made with the Ford service plan, and how you can save up to 80% on what the dealer will charge,  and I expect the same would apply to Chev as well.
While talking fuel economy, which can be important if doing lots of towing, here is a recent Chevy v Ford report.

How much and how often do you need to add Diesel Exhaust Fluid? Find out here.

Thanks to Big Truck Big Rv for this video.  Photos are video screen shots.

I trust this comparison video has been helpful, so now lets have a quick look at what the 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 could look like.
As an alternative soon to be released onto the market is the Jeep Wrangler pickup.  I am picking this will shake up the small truck market somewhat for those who need off road performance the Wrangler has become famous for.

GM have surely camouflaged this one well.

Thank you to AutoNews Creative for this review.