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Hot Chev Thriftmaster Pickup

Hot Chev Thriftmaster Pickup

This is one Hot Chev Thriftmaster Pickup that Jonathan Ward has custom built with the name Icon Thriftmaster, and this video walks you through the build process from start to finish.
Believe me nothing is spared in building this pickup to the highest  modern-day standard and technology.
Mod cons include an Isis touch screen control system that can be cleverly hidden from sight, a fabulous stereo and a V8 engine that sounds like what it really is,  very grunty.
Most everything inside the cab looks like the original Chev Thriftmaster,  until you touch it.  This applies even to the electric window controls, are quite ingenious.

The engine is 5.3L 435 hp with a 6 speed manual gearbox, chassis and suspension are custom built and will handle the power from the engine without any drama.
This is well demonstrated in the video with a film clip taken from inside the cab as the pickup does a very quick lap on a twisty circuit.

The Chev Thriftmaster pickup was first released in mid 1947,  ceased production in 1955, and certainly was instrumental in developing the pickup and wellside truck as a popular vehicle for a vast range of people, both for trade, farm related and business use as well as private use.
It was available rated as 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton and 1 ton, with a choice of 3 engines, all 6 cylinders.  A 216 cub inch, which ceased in 1953, a 235 cub inch and the 261 cub inch engine.
During its 8 year production run many improvements were made to the drive train, suspension, and cab comfort with a major option of the Deluxe Comfortmaster cab in 1954.
This year also saw a 3 speed all syncromesh gearbox as standard on the 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton, 4 speed on the 1 ton model, plus the option of an automatic transmission.
With both Ford and Dodge producing their new design pickup truck models forced GM to rethink the design of their range so in 1955 production of the Thrifmaster ceased and the very popular Task Force Series came into production.  More on the Task Force series in a later post.

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Special thanks to Joanathan Ward for this video about his Icon Thriftmaster
And Google Search for some of the technical info.